Sunday, July 20, 2008

#3 - Featured.

A couple of exciting updates:

#1. A spectacular wedding that I did makeup for was featured on the cover of Luxurious Wedding magazine! These incredible photos were shot by the talented Regina Mountjoy at the amazing Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. Trina was a storybook bride, that totally blew us all away!

Check out the cameo that my makeup case and purse made in the above shot! And if you look closely you can see me in the mirror! :) Niki Foster did a fab job on the hair.

#2. One of my photos won first place in the ASMP Image 08.
Here's what the photographer Stefanus Suntanto has to say about his win:

"I submitted this picture a month ago for an ASMP Image 08 + photo contest. This piece in particular was a collaboration between make up artist, Katelyn Simkins and I. Initially it was in gray background, but it progressed into a smoother look converting it into black and white. Then two weeks ago, It was announced that I won the first place for ASMP photo contest in NYC. I was thrilled and surprised simultaneously. They're having an exhibition in NYC gallery on July 17th, 2008 for all the winners along with other prizes + significant exposures. I felt grateful at the moment for the opportunity..."

The bottom image was the WINNER! (I kinda prefer the top one though!)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

#2 - At Last!

So, I finally got the prints from my London photo shoot that happened nearly a YEAR ago! It was a very classic style with a "twist" ... SO fun! The clothing was actually vintage 1950's patterns made out of latex!! Here they are:

Isn't Martina STUNNING!! She was a total blast to work with, and a quickly rising star! She's already been on the cover of TIME magazine.

This was my stab at doing a 1950's updo. I was just improvising my way through it. But I was happy with how it turned out.

The makeup was inspired by a Versace runway show I saw photos of. Edgy yet romantic I think. ;)

Photographer: David Richardson
Model: Martina
Clothing: Heather Meikle Designs
Hair and Makeup: Katelyn Simkins

Monday, July 14, 2008

#1 - Full Steam Ahead.

Blogging. How very 21st century of me!! But honestly - it is the most sensible way these days to keep in touch and update people on the daily "goings-on" in our lives. Hey, why not? Ok guys, let's give this a try...

So ... a quick update on my life. Things have been going well. I am finally doing makeup as my full-time thing. It's completely exciting and frightening at the same time. I've been getting a lot of great opportunities passed my way these days, a 5280 cover, and the cover of Runner's World for September. I've also been working with an increasing number of celebrities these days including: AnnaSophia Robb (Bridge to Terabithia, Sleepwalking, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), Masi Oka (Heros, Get Smart), Nate Torrence (Studio 60, Get Smart), Richard Jenkins (6 Feet Under, Fun with Dick and Jane, and The Visitor), Thomas McCarthy (Writer/Director of The Visitor and The Station Agent), Eric Brevig (Director, Journey to the Center of the Earth) and Brendan Fraser (Encino Man, Crash, Journey to the Center of the Earth).

Click HERE to see a video from one of our stops on the "Journey to the Center of the Earth" press tour. The guy interviewing is a total goof.

Things are going great in my "non-makeup" life too! Ben is working as a freelance writer - and has done some spectacularly clever and witty work for Image Magazine these days. You can always catch his work at (this month I think his main feature is on a restaurant called "Little India"). He's also gotten a number of assignments for the upcoming Democratic National Convention, more to come on that front. What else? Well, Ben's parents were recently in town from the UK. They spent 3 wonderful (but scorchingly HOT) weeks in good ol' D-town. We managed to experience some of Colorado's finest attractions - oh yeah, we went to Water World! I tried to get them to Casa Bonita too, but alas they were not so keen on a 45 minute wait for Taco Bell quality Mexican food! Imagine that!

We are all suffering since the departure of Mum and Dad Simkins back to the UK. Indiana and the cats are heartbroken, now they don't get spoiled with 10x the treats (we ALL gained a few pounds from the indulgence factor). I've gotten horribly sick. And Ben is just a "sad bunny", it's always hard to leave your parents. We miss those two!

Well, that's it for now. And I swear in the future it will just be quick updates here and there - NOT the novel length that I've just written. So, stay tuned! xoxox