Sunday, December 21, 2008

Katelyn is in Allure Magazine!

I am featured in the Makeover directory of Allure Magazine's January "Makeover Issue". I am the only makeup artist listed for Colorado, and I am SO pleased to have been chosen! Check it out, on news stands NOW!

It's beginning to look a lot like ... NAHA

This Christmas season has brought me a different kind of gift this year ... the chance to get wildly creative with Charlie Price for the NAHA awards ( Charlie is the only stylist in North America to have won twice, consecutively! This entire weekend has been dedicated to getting some incredibly creative photos.

Saturday's shoot will be published in "1 magazine" ( - a new (and impressive) Denver fashion magazine. The shoot was a dark and exaggerated 1920's-30's look, with some OUT OF THIS WORLD hair styles by Charlie Price (runner up on Bravo's shear genius). While you all will have to wait till publication to see the final product ... here's a behind the scenes sneak preview:

Above: Aubrey Brewer has found her "dark side".

Above: Charlie working his magic.

Above: Oumou Diacko, complete with antlers!

Sunday we did a 180 and went to the other end of the spectrum to bright, bold and bubble gum pink! This shoot will be published in the March issue of 303 magazine, and features wardrobe from the amazing Zac Posen, shoes by Louboutin and Miu Miu, and bags by Channel. We had a 60's vibe for this one, and had quite a bit of fun making it as big and bold as we could. Once again here is a pre-press preview of our day behind the scenes:

Above: Stephanie Maxwell adds the finishing touches to her toes.

Above: The beautiful Heather Knapp!

Above: a view from the photographer, Stacey Weisser's laptop. Hotness!

Above: Charlie and his muse Aubrey! These two are such charmers!

Happy Holidays everyone! See you in 2009! xox

Monday, November 17, 2008

Vampires, vixens, and various other oddities...

Well, October was certainly interesting - and I am literally GOBSMACKED that Thanksgiving is nearly here! Where has the past month gone??! I've been staying busy with all kinds of "odd jobs" - only "odd" because of the vast differences in my jobs from day to day. Keeps things interesting, that's for sure!

Let's see ... I wrapped up October with some fun Halloween makeup - I actually got to hang out with my sister when she booked me to do makeup for the Halloween party at RMCAD (where she is the gallery director). The campus is actually an old Tuberculosis treatment center, which has a pretty spooky past. So they all dressed up as dead Doctors and Nurses. Spooky!

Halloween is such a fun time for me - I love bringing back out my FX makeup kit. I did some vampire makeup for a local Doctor and his wife, and I also had a fun shoot for the Denver Post - I did a "how-to" segment showing how to do the classic Witch makeup (sexy, not warty). Check out the pics below:

I've been working a lot with the photographer Sean Hartgrove. He has such a great style - and always allows me to have fun with hair and makeup. We've been doing a good deal of work over the past month for the tattoo mag called "Status Ink".

I have also been keeping busy with my good ol' press tours - I had a wild day doing a tour with 3 of the stars of the new film, Twilight. We did the usual, and then went to Park Meadows mall for a Q&A and signing - MASS CHAOS! There were THOUSANDS of screaming teens! Boy-o-boy do they have some fanatical fans!

I also had my first UNION makeup gig this month! I assisted the Key Makeup Artist for a new NIKE commercial, starring Carmelo Anthony. I spent the day making sure that all of the basketball players looked sweaty - I can now list "misting" as one of my special skills on my resume!! Hehe.
And today I worked with Charlie Price again. I am always so honored to be included on his projects - he is such a talented man. We did a shoot for an upcoming issue of 303 magazine. I can't wait to see how those shots turned out!

So, that's that - things have been going well, and I am now busy bracing for the Holiday season (which I am amazingly excited about by the way)! The makeup biz is probably going to ease off a bit while the in-laws are in town (I know it sounds unusual, but I love hanging out with my husband's parents).

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Keep on keepin' on!

It's been a busy week yet again! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is a trend that continues in this style for a long time to come! BUT - one thing I've become increasingly aware of this week is that while you can (and should) enjoy your successes ... you should never relax into a false sense of security. (I seem to learn new things from Obama every day!) Keep moving and striving for a new level of achievement!!

I worked with actor, Seann William Scott a few days ago (doing press for his new film Role Models). What a NICE guy!! He is probably one of the friendliest celebs I've worked with thus far. I don't have any photos from that day, but hopefully I'll be getting some video clips in the future to post up.

Last night was a fun night too! I worked with Charlie Price (owner of Click Salon, and of TV's "Shear Genius" fame). I got to participate in a fun hair show for 303 magazine. What a TON of talent all in one place. It was inspirational. The makeup was a fantastic concept by Charlie ... sort-of a mash-up of 1980's and 1940's.

And finally - some of the photos from the past few shoots I've done with Mr. Marc Tuscher of Revolutions Management. I have met some wonderful models through doing these shoots - gals that I am now so glad to call friends. Ashley LeRoy and Aubrey Brewer are both total DOLLS. I'd do makeup for them ANYTIME!

And finally today - the start of a new week - I did a press tour for the new movie "Madagascar, Escape 2 Africa". I did makeup for Tom McGrath. Tom wrote, directed and starred in this film (as the head penguin). What a talented fella! Ben and I went to a screening of the film on Monday night - and it's adorable. Sascha Baron Cohen is hilarious.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fun new photos! Feathers galore!

This is a recent shoot I did with the very talented Steve Sutanto. We had fun with feathers - and the model, Katherine, was such a good sport about it! We had feathers around her neck, on her eyes, in her hair - and at one point UP HER NOSE! :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

We did it!


The results are in, and I was voted the #1 wedding makeup artist in Denver! Check out the winners on the Channel 7 A-list awards website: CLICK HERE.

I also recently had the opportunity to get on the OTHER side of the camera ... yes, folks - hell has frozen over and I for a brief moment played the role of MODEL. June did a great job with the photos, and really helped calm my nerves! She is doing a great series of photos featuring makeup artists in their own makeup.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

What a productive week!

Keeping busy!!

This week has been all over the place - a press tour with Dennis Quaid for his new film "The Express", a shoot for an adorable local botique called "Sara", a wedding, and a shoot with a promising new photographer! Whew! Above are some of the awesome shots taken by Jannelle Althoff (amazing photog and total sweetheart). Below are some shots from behind the scenes at the Dennis Quaid press tour (penthouse suite of the Ritz), check out the Ritz-Carlton water bottel ... so swanky!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More images from the Democratic National Convention...

Hill Harper, Actor (CSI) & friend of Barack Obama

Moby, musician.

Jane Fleming Kleeb (Young Voters PAC) & her husband Scott Kleeb (Nebraska Senator).

Jurnee Smollett, Actress.

Christine Pelosi, daughter of Nancy Pelosi.

** All photography by John Beebe, Faces of 2008