Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Keep on keepin' on!

It's been a busy week yet again! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is a trend that continues in this style for a long time to come! BUT - one thing I've become increasingly aware of this week is that while you can (and should) enjoy your successes ... you should never relax into a false sense of security. (I seem to learn new things from Obama every day!) Keep moving and striving for a new level of achievement!!

I worked with actor, Seann William Scott a few days ago (doing press for his new film Role Models). What a NICE guy!! He is probably one of the friendliest celebs I've worked with thus far. I don't have any photos from that day, but hopefully I'll be getting some video clips in the future to post up.

Last night was a fun night too! I worked with Charlie Price (owner of Click Salon, and of TV's "Shear Genius" fame). I got to participate in a fun hair show for 303 magazine. What a TON of talent all in one place. It was inspirational. The makeup was a fantastic concept by Charlie ... sort-of a mash-up of 1980's and 1940's.

And finally - some of the photos from the past few shoots I've done with Mr. Marc Tuscher of Revolutions Management. I have met some wonderful models through doing these shoots - gals that I am now so glad to call friends. Ashley LeRoy and Aubrey Brewer are both total DOLLS. I'd do makeup for them ANYTIME!

And finally today - the start of a new week - I did a press tour for the new movie "Madagascar, Escape 2 Africa". I did makeup for Tom McGrath. Tom wrote, directed and starred in this film (as the head penguin). What a talented fella! Ben and I went to a screening of the film on Monday night - and it's adorable. Sascha Baron Cohen is hilarious.

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