Monday, November 17, 2008

Vampires, vixens, and various other oddities...

Well, October was certainly interesting - and I am literally GOBSMACKED that Thanksgiving is nearly here! Where has the past month gone??! I've been staying busy with all kinds of "odd jobs" - only "odd" because of the vast differences in my jobs from day to day. Keeps things interesting, that's for sure!

Let's see ... I wrapped up October with some fun Halloween makeup - I actually got to hang out with my sister when she booked me to do makeup for the Halloween party at RMCAD (where she is the gallery director). The campus is actually an old Tuberculosis treatment center, which has a pretty spooky past. So they all dressed up as dead Doctors and Nurses. Spooky!

Halloween is such a fun time for me - I love bringing back out my FX makeup kit. I did some vampire makeup for a local Doctor and his wife, and I also had a fun shoot for the Denver Post - I did a "how-to" segment showing how to do the classic Witch makeup (sexy, not warty). Check out the pics below:

I've been working a lot with the photographer Sean Hartgrove. He has such a great style - and always allows me to have fun with hair and makeup. We've been doing a good deal of work over the past month for the tattoo mag called "Status Ink".

I have also been keeping busy with my good ol' press tours - I had a wild day doing a tour with 3 of the stars of the new film, Twilight. We did the usual, and then went to Park Meadows mall for a Q&A and signing - MASS CHAOS! There were THOUSANDS of screaming teens! Boy-o-boy do they have some fanatical fans!

I also had my first UNION makeup gig this month! I assisted the Key Makeup Artist for a new NIKE commercial, starring Carmelo Anthony. I spent the day making sure that all of the basketball players looked sweaty - I can now list "misting" as one of my special skills on my resume!! Hehe.
And today I worked with Charlie Price again. I am always so honored to be included on his projects - he is such a talented man. We did a shoot for an upcoming issue of 303 magazine. I can't wait to see how those shots turned out!

So, that's that - things have been going well, and I am now busy bracing for the Holiday season (which I am amazingly excited about by the way)! The makeup biz is probably going to ease off a bit while the in-laws are in town (I know it sounds unusual, but I love hanging out with my husband's parents).

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