Sunday, July 20, 2008

#3 - Featured.

A couple of exciting updates:

#1. A spectacular wedding that I did makeup for was featured on the cover of Luxurious Wedding magazine! These incredible photos were shot by the talented Regina Mountjoy at the amazing Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. Trina was a storybook bride, that totally blew us all away!

Check out the cameo that my makeup case and purse made in the above shot! And if you look closely you can see me in the mirror! :) Niki Foster did a fab job on the hair.

#2. One of my photos won first place in the ASMP Image 08.
Here's what the photographer Stefanus Suntanto has to say about his win:

"I submitted this picture a month ago for an ASMP Image 08 + photo contest. This piece in particular was a collaboration between make up artist, Katelyn Simkins and I. Initially it was in gray background, but it progressed into a smoother look converting it into black and white. Then two weeks ago, It was announced that I won the first place for ASMP photo contest in NYC. I was thrilled and surprised simultaneously. They're having an exhibition in NYC gallery on July 17th, 2008 for all the winners along with other prizes + significant exposures. I felt grateful at the moment for the opportunity..."

The bottom image was the WINNER! (I kinda prefer the top one though!)

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Bobbie said...

Congrats Katelyn! I've been telling all my friends about my famous and super successful friend! xoxo