Saturday, June 13, 2009

NEW website!! Hooray!

I am finally out of the dark ages and I have a flash website of my very own - my old website looked alright, but completely unsearchable as it was entirely made up of JPEG images! Check out the new page here: -or-

Work has been amazingly busy. And all of my brides so far have been fantastic (I am now knocking on wood to asure I don't jinx myself)! I have also had the opportunity to work with some fantastic new up and coming models that are inches away from hitting it big-time. I'll attach some images below for you all to gander at.

The above photos are from a recent shoot I did in Las Vegas. Photographer Eric Ita / Model: Brigitte Boulay.

Above photo by Captura Photography, Model: Taryn

Above, Alex Bogusky for PODER magazine. Alex is an advertizing genius from Crispin, Porter & Bogusky.

Above Photo by Stacey Weisser / Models: Alison Busse from Elite and Carleen Larron from Donna Baldwin Talent. The first two of an elements series: Water and Earth.

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